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We offer a full spectrum of aviation technical services including Aircraft Ferry and Aircraft Certification. When your company requires professional aviation technical support, our team at MLAS are here for you with the knowledge and expertise needed to get the job completed on time and within budget.

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  • Quality Audits.
  • Manual and Technical Pubs writing.
  • Aircraft certification and consulting Services.
  • Maintenance Planning Services.
  • DER Services.
  • DAR Services.
  • Flight / Ferry Services.
  • Aircraft physical inspections for pre-purchase, pre-delivery, pre-return and due diligence.
  • Aircraft records inspections and audits.
  • Historical Document Scanning and Electronic Conversion.


  • Maintenance Project Management including monitoring of work progress, with emphasis on aviation authority and operator program compliance with special attention to quality.
  • Maintenance cost monitoring and invoice resolution.
  • Verify and rebuild technical records and status reports such as AD, LLP and hard time as required.
  • Assist with any and all other technical and administrative issues as necessary.
  • Work package audit and scanning.
  • Provide solutions¬†to reduce our customers costs by limiting asset downtimes and, ensuring a quality product is quickly and safely returned to revenue service.

Aircraft Ferry

If you require a single pilot to observe a technical acceptance flight or a crew solution to cover all aspects of long-haul ferry flight, we provide the services you need to complete the mission.

Aircraft Certification

ML Aviation Services can assist with Aircraft Certifications and operational issues of many kinds.


Speak to an expert today to help with your aviation needs including Aircraft Ferry and Aircraft Certification services.