We want to personally thank each and every one of you for supporting ML Aviation Services! Below are some of the Letters of Recommendation and Testimonials we have received over the years. If you are interested in submitting yours, please use our Submit page.

Letters of Recommendation

  • Plane Business Leasing Ltd. have worked with MLAS on a number of projects since mid-2013 and have found Mike and his team to be very focused on our requirements as the customer, always prepared to go the extra mile to ensure we receive the best service possible.

    Malcolm Prentice Chief Technical Officer, Plane Business Leasing, London
  • I had the pleasure of working with Mike at Empire Air Center Rome, NY. I found Mike to be a true professional and a team player I would work with Mike in any part of the world knowing he is extremely experienced no matter how difficult the working conditions are.

    Anthony Lalor Senior base Maintenance Technical Manager,SR Technics, Dublin
  • In 2012, we bought a used Bombardier CRJ200 that had been mothballed in the desert of Arizona. We needed a man to manage, supervise, control and oversee the task of rehabilitating the aircraft and delivery. The work involved getting the aircraft airworthy for a flight to a maintenance facility in another state for major maintenance and refurbishment. It also included stripping of the existing paintwork to bare surface, corrosion inspection, executive repainting, landing gear overhauls, major engine inspections, complete dual cabin interior refurbishment with first class seating addition, major component overhauls and various major modifications. Additionally, Mike was tasked with export certification and ferrying the aircraft to the corporate owners.We hired Mr. Mike Langley, who came highly recommended, for the job. He did a superb job for us and we are 100% pleased with his performance and professionalism. He managed the task diligently and provided regular feedbacks and technical recommendations and as a result the job was completed in time and within budgeted cost.We will certainly want him to manage our next aircraft major refurbishment job.

    Chong Choak Hua Managing Director, Aeroservice Pte Ltd, Singapore
  • For some time, Mike Langley has been the operator auditor for Mitsui – Bussan Aerospace Corporation conducting annual physical inspections and records audits on the A320 portfolio aircraft leased by jetBlue. Mike is noted to be a dedicated, knowledgeable and true professional with excellent attention to detail. Because of this, Mike and ML Aviation Services, Inc. has been selected by jetBlue to self audit our E190 aircraft leased from FINAME / Brazilian Development Bank for the last two years. During this period, he has conducted the aircraft ground inspections and records audits with dedication and professionalism. The reports produced are very detail oriented and thorough, leaving no questions regarding the condition of the assets. Mike puts his heart and soul to the auditing process.

    Mahendra Patel Manager Aircraft Deliveries, jetBlue Airways Corporation, New York
  • Mike, is a detail – oriented Manager, who watches the balance sheet like a hawk without losing sight of the strategic objective.

    Pablo Bermúdez Maintenance Program Manager at Delta Airlines, Miami