PO Box 430 Placida, FL 33946 United States of America
(941) 276-3438 | (941) 237-4001


  • Quality Audits.
  • Manual and Technical Pubs writing.
  • Aircraft certification and consulting Services.
  • Maintenance Planning Services.
  • DER Services.
  • DAR Services.
  • Flight / Ferry Services.
  • Aircraft physical inspections for pre-purchase, pre-delivery, pre-return and due diligence.
  • Aircraft records inspections and audits.
  • Historical Document Scanning and Electronic Conversion.
  • Maintenance Project Management including monitoring of work progress, with emphasis on aviation authority and operator program compliance with special attention to quality.
  • Maintenance cost monitoring and invoice resolution.
  • Verify and rebuild technical records and status reports such as AD, LLP and hard time as required.
  • Assist with any and all other technical and administrative issues as necessary.
  • Work package audit and scanning.
  • Provide solutions¬†to reduce our customers costs by limiting asset downtimes and, ensuring a quality product is quickly and safely returned to revenue service.